Trade Show Secrets: Booth Staff Training Part 5

In our previous post we discussed the importance of training booth staff on the differences between trade show selling and normal sales calls. Typical sales calls are focused, concentrated presentation where your salespeople can control much of the flow of the conversation. Trade show exhibit floors, on the other hand are crowded venues with many distractions and multiple exhibitors competing for the prospect’s time and attention. Without adequate preparation and training, a sales person can quickly become overwhelmed and ineffective. This is why exhibitors need a through booth staff training program.
While some booth staff can take place off-site, in this portion of our training series we will be discussing the need for an actual in-booth orientation. This training allows booth staffers to become acquainted with the exhibit layout, demonstrations, and tools such as badge scanners, promotional items, and collateral.
The in-booth orientation is a good time to review the location of the exhibit in relation to registration, hall entrances/exits, business partners, competitors, sit-down restaurants and fast food, coffee vendors, the exhibitor lounge, fire and emergency apparatus, the coat check, restrooms, shuttles and taxis, the show office, the press room, etc.
An exhibit tour should include an overview of the product and demo areas, theaters, meeting rooms, storage areas, etc. Go over available collateral literature such as data sheets, brochures, and white papers, along with their format (e.g., thumb drive, URL, or hard copy).

While in the booth, review product demonstrations and live presentations – this is the perfect opportunity to gather feedback and work out any last-minute kinks. Practice using the badge scanner/lead-retrieval system or lead forms. Emphasize how to properly record a lead to include lead quality, comments about what their main problems are and how your products solve them, and what the sales team needs to do next as a follow-up.

A comprehensive booth staff training plays an essential in helping your team be effective and productive at your next event. If you would like help in preparing for an upcoming show, contact us for a free consultation.


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