Trade Show Secrets: Booth Staff Training Part 4

handshake at trade showIn our previous post we discussed the importance of training booth staff in the context of the show and your company’s strategic and marketing objectives for the expo. In this portion of the booth training series, we will discuss sales techniques and booth etiquette.

Even though some of your best sales people may be exhibiting at the show, it is important to recognize that selling on a trade show floor is vastly different from selling in the field. It is difficult to imagine an environment with more distractions than a trade show floor.  The average trade show has over 400 exhibiters. Your prospects are distracted by the crush of people around them and with all your competitors vying for their attention. Inexperienced and unprepared booth staff can become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of people passing by the booth or the flashy presentation at the booth across the aisle.

Therefore, before your next show, make sure to train your staff on the differences between trade show selling and normal sales calls. Role playing before the show can help your booth staff rehearse and build confidence.  Team members should practice how to engage attendees in conversation, how to use questions to gauge and qualify attendee interest, how to pitch the offer, gain commitment, record information into whatever lead capture system you are using, and how follow up effectively.

Also incorporate proper booth etiquette in your booth staff training. Everything from body language to where to store personal items to eating, cellphone usage, sitting vs standing should be covered in your training sessions. Booth staff should be reminded that the company has made a major investment in making the show a success. Many attendees will be exposed to the company for the first time on the trade show floor. The impression your booth staff makes will determine whether your meet your show goals or not.

If you would like help in preparing for an upcoming show, contact us for a free consultation.

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