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Association and corporate meeting planners often work in isolation and rarely have the opportunity to share information, experiences and ideas with their peers from other sectors. The Meetopolis conference which just wrapped up in Brussels gave meeting planners the opportunity to come together, learn from each other and be inspired. For part of the program, meeting planners were turned into session designers and were able to brainstorm new approaches to meeting design and engagement techniques.

Each element of meeting design was explored. The session resulted in the creation of The Meeting Design Toolbox. The Toolbox is divided into five categories, summarized in the acronym CHATTY (Conceptual, Human, Art, Technical, TechnologY)

  • Conceptual refers to meeting formats, flow, programs and techniques.
  • Human tools are facilitators, actors, speakers, producers, exhibit staff, etc.
  • Art encompasses themes, music, design, video and activities
  • Technical refers to audio-visual, set building, furniture, etc.
  • Technology includes mobile and tablet apps, social technology, hybrid meetings and the like

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Attracting Millennials to Your Next Conference

Attracting Millienals to ConferencesAssociations and event marketers are preparing for a massive generational shift in the workforce which could have a profound impact on meeting attendance. By next year it is estimated that half of the employees in the world will have been born after 1980. The US workforce is expected to reach that benchmark by 2020.  

Therefore it is not surprising that association executives are searching for ways to attract, connect with and retain the next generation of members and conference attendees. In a survey, 74% of association executives said they were concerned about attracting younger members but less than half of them felt confident in their ability to do so.

Ye the answer may be surprising simple and easily addressed. A recent survey of Millennials found that more than half believe they would benefit from having a professional mentor, but only about one-third said their bosses or supervisors were willing to serve in that role. The desire for career guidance is a crucial gap that associations and professional conferences can fill.

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