9 Tips to Maximize Booth Sales

At Disneyland, they call all their employees “cast members,” because they’re all part of the “show” that’s taking place everywhere in the park, all the time. Trade show exhibitors and your booth staffers are putting on a show, too. How can you be more effective?

American Image Displays created a list of do’s and don’ts for booth staffers. Be sure to review them with your booth staff before your next event.

10 Common Mistakes Booth Staffers Make That Can Cost You Business

Having the right people staff the booth will make a huge difference in how many leads and sales you capture at your booth. However, just being a great salesperson is not enough to win over potential customers. What else is needed?

A recent post in the Etouches blog covers 10 common mistakes booth staffers make that can cause you to lose sales. Be sure to review the list with your event staff before your next show.