Trade Show Training: Booth Staff

In previous posts, we have discussed booth staff training. Today’s post will address the key question:  how many people are needed to staff the booth?

Booth size is a key variable to consider. Rules of thumb say the formula for staffing a booth is one person per 50 square feet of space, plus perhaps an extra person for the peak times of the day.  Another factor to consider:  will you be doing product demonstrations in your booth?  If so, be sure you have adequate staff to handle the demos as well as engaging with other attendees at the same time.

Your booth should be staffed with the most enthusiastic and articulate representatives of your company. We recommend sending a mix of leadership, salespeople and marketing people.  Your booth staff should mirror likely visitors so that there is someone on staff who can relate to your visitor’s role within his or her company.  Have a subject matter expert on hand for a variety of topics that may come up with attendees.

In our next post we will discuss how to establish exhibiting goals for your team. If you would like more suggestions on improving your trade show ROI, contact Barbara Stroup for a customized consultation.