Secrets to Picking the Ideal Booth Location

Once you pick a show(s), the next task is deciding where you would like to place your booth. With so much riding on a successful show, many exhibitors turn to us for help with this crucial decision. Our team of event counselors can help you navigate the floor plan options to find the ideal location for your company.

The average trade show has over 400 exhibitors, each of whom is vying to be seen and heard above the fray. Prime locations are offered on the basis of seniority, which gives previous exhibitors the advantage. However, by taking a strategic approach to booth selection, you can still attract a steady flow of potential customers.

Studies by market-research firm Exhibit Surveys Inc. show that effective pre-show and on-site promotions can overcome the obstacles posed by an out-of-the-way exhibit space, and draw your target audience to you, regardless of your location.

In order to determine your booth’s ideal location you first need to revisit your exhibit strategy. Are you exhibiting to demo a new product? If so, you may need more space than if you working on building relationships in the industry, generating leads or gathering competitive intelligence.

In our next post, we will discuss more industry secrets for picking the right booth location. If you need immediate assistance, contact us for a free custom consultation.