Trade Show Marketing Success, Differentiate the Experience

By some estimates, there are now over 14,000 trade shows servicing every imaginable sector and interest. With so many overlapping and competing shows, how can meeting planners and event marketers capture attention away from competing shows?

One of the most powerful keys to success is differentiating your show, event or meeting from competing shows in the same space. In order to successfully differentiate, meeting marketers must first know the audience their needs, motivations, wants and behaviors.

At ExpoPlus, we coordinate closely with Bodden Partners, our parent company that specializes in insight-driven marketing communications. Together we pour over membership data and registration data, review prior attendee surveys, consult with meeting managers, walk the exhibit floor, study traffic patterns, watch interactions, observe behaviors, talk with attendees, and interview exhibitors.

These observations result in tailored recommendations for measurably improving the success of future shows. If you would like to know more about how we can help you differentiate your next event, contact me at

Trade Show Marketing Success

The reasons for exhibiting are clear and compelling. According to industry research:

  • 84% of the attendees have some kind of buying power
  • More importantly, 49% came to shows with real purchasing intent
  • 91% of attendees say that trade shows impact their buying decisions because the competition is in one place allowing for comparison shopping in real time
  • 32% of attendees had more favorable purchase intentions after visiting a specific exhibitor
  • Trade show visitors will tell 6+ people about their experience

Given the promise of exhibiting at trade shows, how can marketers be more effective in their trade show marketing. This topic will be discussed in future editions of a new blog series we’ve entitled Trade Show Marketing Success, come join the discussion.