Tips and Traps When Selecting Booth Location

In our previous post, we provided some tips on deciding where to place your booth. In this post we’ll discuss some booth locations you may want to avoid.

  • You’ll want to consider where your booth lies in relation to various show-floor obstacles. The worst are the huge weight-bearing columns or fire apparatus (sometimes noted on floor plans as FA or FHC, which stands for fire-hose cabinet) – especially if they’re next to your exhibit space. These obstacles can restrict your exhibit layout, since their setback regulations may require you to leave clear a specified number of feet around them. At network-heavy shows, you may also see the term PED on a floor plan, which is a restricted area where network cabling is connected to computer hardware in large racks.
  • Other less desirable locations include the end of dead-end aisles, smaller or remote show halls, or spaces behind enormous exhibits whose traffic patterns or attractions draw attendees away from your exhibit.
  • Even some high traffic locations can have their own problems. Depending on the layout of the hall, be careful about placing your booth too close to stairs, elevators, escalators, restaurants, and restrooms. If your booth is too close to these areas, attendees may be preoccupied with where they are going next and be too distracted to notice your booth. Booths near concession stands can easily become blocked as people linger, eating and chatting with friends and colleagues.
  • Also keep in mind that choosing a booth space located immediately in front of a hall’s freight doors means you’ll be the absolute last person allowed to install your exhibit, and you’ll be expected to tear down immediately at show close.

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